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    resize field label with Labels Left setting


      when i'm using the Labels Left setting, the field label appears limited to a certain width (228). i have a form with a bunch of yes or no questions -- would have liked to make the label wider.... is that possible? thanks for your help.

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          jcanepa Adobe Employee

          You can make your form wider.  This will allow you to use Labels Left and make the field label wider.  To do this go to menu File-> Form Setup...  This will open the Form Setup dialog.  In this dialog is the Form Width field.  Enter a value that you feel allows you to set the field labels the way you wish and click the OK button.  An alternative way to resize the form is to hover your cursor over the right edge of the form.  You should see your cursor change to the resize cursor.  With the resize cursor showing click and hold your mouse/trackpad button.  Move the cursor to the right to make the form wider.  When the desired width is achieved release the mouse/trackpad button.


          I hope this helps.



          Jeff Canepa

          Software Quality Engineer

          Adobe Systems, Inc.


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            kenf128 Level 1

            thanks, jeff. it does, although it would be nice if i could make the field label wider than than 1/3 of Form Width.

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