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    Very interested and impressed with BC, but still a bit skeptical…


      After working for others for several years, I am trying to figure out how in the world I could make money selling website design on my own with Business Catalyst. 

      The crux of this is, I know how to create, but I don't know how to sell what I create.  Forgive me, but as cool as BC appears, I still don't see how I could really make a living with it.


      Here are several questions I have (grouped in paragraphs), and any insight or advice would be very much appreciated:


      With the seemingly ubiquitous availability of free do-it-yourself websites (Google Sites for example), a proliferation of many existing web design companies and individuals, and prepackaged, but customer-managed, e-commerce sites, what are the chances of me actually making a living doing BC sites, and what is a good focus for doing so?  (I would think it is e-commerce)


      How can I make money on top of the hosting, besides the 20%?

      I don't know what to charge for -- is there help or guidance for setting a pricing structure?

      How about marketing guidance?

      How much of a site's content is managed by me and how much by my client, and how do I keep from painting myself into a corner by offering something that I don't have time to deliver?


      Am I correct in saying that there are no free temporary e-commerce sites?

      Does that mean I must pay at least $33.05 per month for each e-commerce site while I am building it, even when I can't charge for it?


      Does the premium partner plan (which I would purchase if I chose a partner plan) allow temp sites to have my own domain (customersite.mybcwebdesigncompany.com) instead of customersite.businesscatalyst.com?


      For e-commerce sites, can I add and/or customize database fields for catalogs, products, customers etc.?


      How would I offer or provide training and support to my web clients?


      Thanks so much