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    <cfinclude> absolute path

      I am aware that using an absolute path like this <cfinclude template="/includes/whatever.cfm"> should not work in CFMX7.

      However, somehow magically it does work on my staging server...... and yes, there are 2 sites on this server, we don't have the "/" mapped to the site root so that's not why this is happening. Also couldn't be because we can't map "/" to both site roots at the same time.

      Then, when i replicate the site to the live server, running the same version of CFMX7, it does not work anymore!

      The behaviour of the live server sounds normal to me, but why on earth is it working on the staging server? I just can't get my head around this. Any ideas??
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          cecropin Level 1
          When you have a "/" leading template attribute, then CF interprets that you are referring to a CF mapping. This is the reason it works for 2 websites at the same time. Look in the CF admin console for a mapping called "includes" this points to some physical directory on the server.

          Your staging server is probably not configured with this mapping thus it is not working.