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    Problem with button to open .exe in a subfolder


      Hello to all,


      I have a problem:


      I need to create a flash presentation where there will be two buttons that, when clicked, will each install a different program.


      The problem is this: These files. Exe files are in a subfolder like this:



      --> Certisign

      --> AICCertisign.exe



      --> Certisign

      --> AICOAB.exe


      I created the folder fscommand put these folders inside it, and Action Script in flash made as follows:


      programa1.onRelease = function(){
      fscommand("exec", "Certisign/AICCertisign.exe");

      programa2.onRelease = function(){
      fscommand("exec", "AICOAB/AICOAB.exe");


      But when generating the executable presentation, write it on a CD and try to run the facilities by clicking on the buttons they do not work;


      Please could someone help me?