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    Previous/Next View Problem - Is this a known bug?

    Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

      Hi everybody,


      I ran into a little problem with the previous/next view functionality that apparently got broken in Acrobat X, and is still broken in XI. I have two sample files, when you download them into the same directory, you can switch back and forth between the two files by using the bookmarks:





      The bookmark hierarchy spans both documents:




      Both documents use the bookmarks initial view, and when I navigate with just the bookmarks, everything works as expected, the document open with the bookmarks pane. When I use the previous/next view functionality however, things go wrong: When the selected view is in the other document, then the navigation pane gets changed to the thumbnails pane.


      This used to work in Acrobat 9, but no longer works in X or XI.


      Is this a known bug? Are there any workarounds?





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