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    Audio skipping after import in Premier Pro CS6

      • Using Premier Pro CS6
      • Up to date
      • Windows 7 64bit
      • Source Footage was taken at 30fps AVCHD in a Canon VIXIA HF G10
      • 12GB Ram, 2.7Ghz Quad Core
      • No codecs installed
      • etc


      Alright, so I am a total amateur at this thing, but was drafted into filming my sister-in-law's wedding this last weekend.   I just began working on the photo and video editing and am thoroughly pissed off thus far.  If I import a video, add a new sequence from clip, and play it, the audio skips.  It will begin playing then skip ahead a second, play, skip ahead more, play, and so on. 


      Completely and utterly unacceptable.  What is the fix for this?  I have had no problems with this camera and premier pro before (all settings the same), but now it simply will not work correctly.


      I can open the same clip in windows media player, and it will play just fine, but if I put it into Premier Pro, it doesn't work.  What is going on?


      I read one fix is to open it in Quicktime Pro (which I don't have) and then save it as a reference file.  One, I imagine that will reduce the quality, and two, why would I have to open it, resave it, and then import to premier pro when it's already in a supported format? 


      Please help.  This is ridiculous.