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    Imported XDCAM footage "blacks out" on timeline and when exported, which will not do.


      We're having a "horrendous problem" importing XDCAM. About half the clips "black out" while playing on the sequence timeline, although the associated sound files play fine. BTW the clips that black out always do so in the same place in the clip.

      A first I thought the camera operator might have been covering the lens, but we can convert the MXF video to mp4 using Pavtube and video plays the entire length of the clip.


      This problem happens in CS5, CS5.5, and CS6. It happens when we Import through using the Media Tool or the other way (whatever that's called).


      When we EXPORT from the sequence the blackout occurs most of the time, although every once in a while the exported clip wll play in its entirety.


      We have several hundred clips we need to use and the workaround is very cumbersome and time consuming, so we'd really like to solve the import problem so imported XDCAM clips work properly on the timeline.



      To view the problem click below.


      This encode plays the entire clip.


      This encode made immediately after the one above blacks out




      Does anyone have any idea what is going on and how to fix it?