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    Pages disappear in CS6

    Mar 10e

      In an almost ready file of 274p, pages disappear when I try to correct items. Or the page turns blanc. Either way, indd crashes or I can retrieve the page with commZ, but I can't go further.
      I've repaired stuff by removing the blanc pages and build them back up again, but the disappearing of pages I cannot repair.
      Neither can I find the indd preferences file to dump and eventueally rebuild.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          From commZ I'm going to guess you are on a Mac, so you probably have a crash report. Please post it on Pastebin.com, then put a link to it here. Sometimes we can spot where the problem lies.


          I doubt replacing the prefs is going to solve the problem, but here's how to do it: Replace Your Preferences


          I think it's more likely that a trip through .idml will be beneficial. See Remove minor corruption by exporting

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            Mar 10e Level 1

            Thanks for this quick reply! Yes, I work on a mac.
            Prefs are replaced, and as you already mentioned, that did not work.

            Saving the file as .idml CS4 didn't work either.


            Luckily the doc isn't that much damaged so it is possible to rebuild the pages with pages form an earlier doc. Which I did.

            Where do I find the crash report? I've send it to adobe after the crash, but where is it saved?

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              I don't actually know where they get saved (I'm a Windows user, so I don't get them and I never paid enough attention when told where they are on the Mac). I'm sure if you hang on, though, somebody will enlighten us.