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    Problems with fullScreenSourceRect in nested Flash movie

    ladobeugm Level 1
      I've got a Flash movie I'm updating to add the fullscreen property to my clients' videos. Problem is I've added all the necessary ActionScript and HTML code as Labs suggests and the fullscreen property does work but not exactly. The video FLV Playback component is nested inside of another .swf movie via an empty movie clip on the stage. And that MC is not at 0,0. Problem is when I go fullscreen even though I get the right width and heights of the rectangle from the fullScreenSourceRect property. The X and Y are out of wack and not in the right place. So is there a way I can change the following property so it knows where X and Y really are instead of 0,0?

      Stage["fullScreenSourceRect"] = new Rectangle(
      feature.x, feature.y,
      feature.width, feature.height);