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    Copy and Relink Media

    Lone Lobo

      I have just finished a project and only now am having a Homer Simpson moment. The media the project is using is not located under the edited sequence's project folder.  Somehow I managed to import all the footage without realizing I should have copied the footage to the new directory before importing and editing. I try to keep all the media on my internal raid within the project's heirarchy...it makes it simpler when restoring the project from my outboard synology NAS.  If I just wanted to move the footage I would just do it and relink. But I want to keep the files in their original location AND the new location on my internal raid.  How do I force Premiere to relink to the new file locations while maintaining the old file locations.  This is probably really simple and I'm just not thinking straight.  Too many long edit sessions are taking their toll.


      TIA and feel free to apply a Simpson dope slap if necessary.