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    TLF is completely broken.  Has it ever worked?

    James22s22 Level 1

      Seriously.  I have set up the most basic loader.swf and child.swf, and TLFTextFields are just not showing up in the child.swf (except for first frame).  They'll show up on the first frame of the child.swf, but if I put more text fields on the 2nd frame, the text doesn't show up when I gotoAndStop at frame 2.


      I can trace the TLFTextField object on frame 2, so it's not null, but when I trace it's text, it's blank.


      Meanwhile, if the instance is present on both frames one and two, then it generally will show up correctly on the 2nd frame, while other instances along side it that exist only on the 2nd frame will not show up.  They show up fine when child.swf is run by itself, but when loaded into the loader.swf, they do not show up.  It doesn't matter whether I use Loader or ProLoader, same result.  Also, even if the text is present on the first frame, then if the text changes at all on the 2nd frame, it does not show up.  Fonts are embedded.  Fonts are exported for ActionScript as TLF text, etc., doesn't make a difference.   This is broken as can be.


      I cannot even explain this behavior.  See these test projects and try to figure it out: http://depositfiles.com/files/qadq6c5p5


      Also, the documentation for TLFTextField doesn't even list the "text" property it's supposed to have.  Is there something currently wrong with the online documentation, like some kind of server issue?  The ProLoader class also has no properties of it's own listed, and I wondered if it was just a coincidence or some issue with the documentation system.