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    DPX export settings in PR Pro and After Effects


      Hey, I really need some advice, I'm having so much hassle with my colour exports.

      Basically, I exported a project from premiere pro in DPX format. I just used the preset for 1080 25p (full range 8 bit) I also tried maximum depth but the result was even worse...


      I then brought the DPX sequence into AE, did my colour grading and exported it as a DPX sequence again.


      After bringing that DPX sequence back into PR again and exporting the entire project I'm finding that I have these rings of colour and noise, mostly where the light is strongest, and it's only really noticeable if you know it's there but it's just annying me so much. Exporting the sequences can take up to 14 hours because it's quite a long project, so you can imagine my frustration when I realize it's not perfect and has to be done again.


      If you know what I'm doing wrong, or if you know the best settings to export with using DPX, or indeed if there is another format better for coloug grading I'd consider you a life saver.


      p.s. I'll insert an image showing exactly what the problem is.