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    Parse error with print




      I tried to build a custome web gallery into LR 4.3 on MAC.

      I started with example from LR SDK zip.

      In my index.html sample file, i simply declare some variables at the top like this:




      --[[ Define some variables to make locating other resources easier

           firstPage was defined in our manifest.]]



          local others = "content"

          local theRoot = "."

          local mySize = "large"

          local firstImage

          local title

          local caption

          local width

          local height



          local LrLogger = import 'LrLogger'

          local myLogger = LrLogger( 'libraryLogger' )


                local debug, info, warn, err = myLogger:quick( 'debug', 'info', 'warn', 'err' )




      After, inside a script tag, i would like to print into index.html outputed file a json file with images name.

      Before that i simply tried to print a test string, and i got in Console app this message : SyntaxError: Parse error





      Where am i wrong ?