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    Glossary with conditional tags

      Is it possible to apply conditional tags to terms within a glossary or to the glossary itself in RoboHelp?
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          Ben Minson Level 2
          I don't see any options to use conditional tags in the glossary. However, you can exclude the entire glossary by creating a single source layout with the Glossary option unchecked (and call the output "NoGlossary," for example). You can create a second layout with the Glossary box checked, or just use this as the standard layout/output.

          With conditional build tags, you would have to generate outputs to different directory locations. Different single source layouts require the same if you don't want one to overwrite the files of the other. In this case, one directory for the help with the glossary and one directory for the help without.

          No idea if conditional glossary tags will be a feature of RH 7.

          Hope this helps,