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    Why does my Flash Builder built app work on some desktops but not others?


      I have recently built a dashboard app with Flash Builder that displays energy usage and pushed it to a web server. The goal is to distribute it to a lot of different companies that can utilize that information. On my desktop it works fine with IE, Chrome, and Firefox but on some other desktops it does not work. As an example I have tried to access it from another desktop in my cubicle and it doesn't work with any of the aforementioned  browsers. From placing alerts in the app I have discovered that it doesn't get to the preinitialize.  Another thing I  have done is installed firebug on my firefox browser to help me troubleshoot . One curious thing I notice in firebug is that it makes a call to fpadobe.com, eventually hangs, and then crashes the Adobe Flash Plugin. I have tried my app on muliple desktops and it works on some but not others.


      Does anyone know why this works on some desktops but not others? Could this be a security issue? If so why only on certain machines?


      Any help would greatly be appreciated.