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    I DO NOT HAVE  iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Android device..............


      First, this has ROYALLY pissed me off.  I was not asked or emailed or consulted on this prior to this happening.  Now, it only moved 41 pictures when I told it to archive out of THOUSANDS of pictures I have on Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.

      In order to edit - it tells me to first start by accessing

      iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Android device ..................... I DO NOT HAVE ANY OF THOSE DEVICES OR MOBILE DEVICES......................WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?????????????  HOW CAN I EDIT MY FILES WHEN I DO NOT HAVE A MAC, OR IPHONE OR IPAD OR ANDROID DEVICE AND NO INTENTION OF BUYING ANY OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          Scott V Adobe Employee (Admin)


          I responded to your other post of the same issue. Did you have additional questions?


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            Pattie F Employee Moderator



            I am sure Scott covered this in the other post, but for everyone's benefit, I'll add my two cents:

            You do not need any of "those devices" (Mac, ipad, iphone, etc) since you have a pc. You can access Revel via adoberevel.com on a browser.

            I am sorry you are unhappy about the move. Customers were notified by Email on 2/22 and also on social media. Additional emails followed. Some users had forwarded our emails to spam and therefore saw the news later than others.

            Because a decision was made to discontinue Photoshop.com sharing and storage, we gave users the option to have them moved to Revel rather than having all of their efforts deleted. Users who had files on Adobe Photoshop.com Sharing and storage cloud site and did not opt out, did or will have their files copied to Adobe Revel (another Adobe cloud sharing and storage service) by 6/18. These files will remain available in Photoshop.com also until 6/18 in case users wish to archive them with our media downloader. No files were copied or moved from your Elements organizer (if you use it) or hard drive, just copied from Photoshop.com.


            This was not done to upset customers, but rather was done as a convenience for customers so that they did not have to go to the effort of downloading from the one site and uploading to another since that can be very time consuming. Revel is a free account that you login to with the same credentials as you did on Photoshop.com. Although Revel is not a replacement for Photoshop.com (it has more of a focus on sharing between devices), it is an alternative.


            Revel clients are currently available for iPad, iPhone and Mac. We also have plans to release Revel for Windows and Android in the future. In the meantime, those users can access Revel via a web browser at adoberevel.com.


            IF you are on a pc, you will notice that the web browser version of Revel does not offer editing capabilities. Until we release a version for Windows, you do have some options for editing and getting photos to revel: You can edit in Photoshop Elements 11 or Lightroom and upload to Revel from there, You can use older versions of Photoshop Elements or Photoshop or any other editing program and save the photos to your hard disk and then upload to Revel.  You also have access to the Photoshop.com Photoshop express editor if you are not a user of Elements or another editing program. I gave instructions to another user on this post if you are interested. http://forums.adobe.com/message/5232833#5232833 .


            You can sign up to be notified when Revel is available for Windows and Android by going to http://www.photoshop.com/products/revel ….scroll down and look on the right side where it says "coming soon- Notify me" for windows or android. Click and you can sign up to be notified.


            We realize that Revel does not have some things that you are used to seeing on Photoshop.com, and we realize how frustrating that must be, especially since we do not have one option that covers all of the needs of what is being discontinued.  Many of the requests we have seen will be implemented in Revel moving forward.


            I hope that helps explain things.