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    Book Chapter and Section Numbering




      I've been through the tutorials and cannot seem to find a solution to my problem. Maybe I'm missing something simple here. Basically, I'm writing a book and want each chapter in a separate document with contiguous section numbering. e.g.


      Document 1.


      Chapter 1

         Section 1.1

             Section 1.1.1

             Section 1.1.2


         Section 1.2

             Section 1.2.1

             Section 1.2.2


      Document 2.


      Chapter 2

         Section 2.1

             Section 2.1.1

             Section 2.1.2


         Section 2.2

             Section 2.2.1

             Section 2.2.2


      If I define the Chapter as a Section heading with a level 1 hierarchy and each sub-section with level 2, 3, 4, etc hierarchy, the above works fine within each document, but section numbering always stays at 1 in each document and doesn't increment when I make the book i.e all chapters remain at Chapter 1 within each document.

      If I use the Chapter text variable, chapter numbering updates, but the section numbering isn't linked to the chapter number e.g. Section 2.1 in document 2 now becomes Section 0.1, since there is now no level 1 Section heading defined.


      Please help,