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    Flash player in Firefox results in blank screen or msg "Flash player needs updated"


      Have tried repeatedly installing Flash player with no luck.  It insists that it's installed yet after installation the page it sends me to is a blank black screen.. when I try to watch a video in Firefox, I get either a blank white screen or a notice that my flash player needs to be updated, which again I am running the most current version according to the tools on the adobe website.  Yes I have real player installed on here but when I tried to go thru the preferences settings to disable the web stuff according to the troubleshooting instructions on here, those options listed aren't there in my real player...  (again possibly due to windows 8??)  Flash was working just fine until a few days ago.. can't see where anything other than a windows update has changed anything on my computer, so not sure what caused it. 

      Everything IS working fine in Internet Explorer.. this is just limited to Firefox