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    DVD Quality

    VidShooter Level 1

      I am shooting 1920x1080i AVCHD at about 13Mbps, wanting to make the highest quality non-Bluray DVDs.


      I currently export from Pr using MPEG2-DVD/PAL Progressive Widescreen High Quality presets, with Use Max Render Quality turned on.


      I build the DVDs in En and they play pretty good.


      Do you think there is a better export setting that will give a noticeable improvement?



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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          non-Bluray DVDs.


          On a side note, all DVD's are 'non Blu-ray'.  DVD and BD are two separate and distinct formats, much like NTSC and PAL.


          To the matter at hand, if you're shooting 25i, you should be exporting 25i.  This will allow for proper interlaced viewing on CRT sets, and the DVD player, BD player or TV will likely do a better job of 'deinterlacing' for flat panels than PP will.