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    DV capture freezing with Hollywood DV Bridge

    qseep Level 1

      Hi folks,


      I have a Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge connected to an analog input source (VCR), with output to Firewire. The Firewire is connected to my computer. I am running on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.


      I opened Premiere CS6, and created a project. If I press F5 to capture, it takes a long time to come up.


      Then I can hit play on the VCR and I see some video show up in the capture dialog. But if I hit the record button, nothing happens. But after maybe 30-60 seconds, it will freeze up, and I have to kill the program.


      If I start the program again and load the project, it immediately tries to open the capture dialog, and it's just all white. Then if I wait for maybe a minute, it will start drawing itself. But I can't see the video playing.


      However, if I connect the DV Bridge Firewire output to my DV camcorder, it will show the video on the little camera's screen. So I know it's working right.


      Maybe Premiere is just being fussy about timing signals? It is an old tape.