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    exporter plugin: How does exporting multiple files work?

    nvenc4everyone Level 1

      I'm trying to get my exporter to simultaneously export 2 separate files (one for audio, one for video):

      (1) *.wav file (for PCM audio)

      (2) *.m4v file (for encoded H264 video)


      The exported WAV & M4V files are readable in external tools - So I have the basic exporting routines writing out correct fileData.

      But so far, I can do ONE at a time -- i.e. I have manually hardcoded the 'supportsAudio' and 'supportsVideo' to to be mutually exclusive, and changed my exDoExport() routine to behave accordingly.


      I want my exporter to support any combination of audio/video exporter: audio-only, video-only, or audio + video

      (1) audio-only   : write out a single *.WAV file

      (2) video-only   : write out a single *.m4V file

      (3) audio+video : write out both files (*.WAV + *.M4V)


      But I can't figure out how to do this through the Premiere Pro CS6 SDK.

      I've tried writing handlers for the selector exSelQueryOutputFileList.  I followed the directions carefully (about PPro calling the selector 3 times in a row.)  I've stepped through my handler using VS2010's debugger, so I *know* that CS6 is calling me 3 times.  And I have also confirmed that I correctly set the numOutputFiles, outputFileRecs.pathLength, and outputFileRecs.path.


      But when the 'export' method is finally engaged, CS6 only calls the exSelExport selector ONCE, and it only passes the first outputFileRec[#0].  So there is no opportunity for my exporter code to utilize the 2 outputFileRecs that were allocated previously.


      ....How is this supposed to work?!?