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    Jackrabbit search jcr repository on multiple paths using single query




      I have been trying to work this out: using either xpath or SQL or SQL2, to perform a full text search on multiple paths.




      Search for 'promotion' under '/content/mysite/products/%' and '/content/dam/articles/pdfs/products' etc.


      Tried using the following but none worked so far:




      SELECT * FROM [nt:base] AS s

      WHERE  ISDESCENDANTNODE([/content/mysite/products]) or                ISDESCENDANTNODE([/content/dam/articles/pdf/products]) 

      and CONTAINS(s.*, 'promotion')



      select * from nt:base where (jcr:path like '/content/mysite/products/%' or jcr:path like '/content/dam/articles/pdf/products/%') and contains (., 'promotion')




      /jcr:root/content/[fn:name()='/mysite/products' or fn:name()='/dam/articles/pdf/products]//*[jcr:like(text, '%promotion%')]


      The reason for making a query like this is because we can than sort the result by jcr:score. If separate queries were used on each path then we need to work out how to consolidate and sort everything according to the score.


      Already tried predicateGroup but:

      1. Very slow

      2. 'lower' function isn't working on fulltext search


      Appreciate any advice or suggestions.