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    How do I find a missing control bar?


      I guess I didn't provide enough info when I asked this question earlier.  When I view 60 minutes Full Episodes on my laptop computer running Windows 7, 64 bit,  in Firefox, I get no progress bar, pause/play, or full screen option on the video .  I tried to test in Firefox safe mode and still the same issue.  In IE, it works fine on this computer.  On other computers it works fine also in Firefox.  On the laptop in question, other video locations are fine... it seems to be isolated to '60 minutes'.... youtube is ok, as are hulu videos.  It's got to be some setting that I have inadvertently altered for Flash.   I've checked to make sure all plug-ins on Firefox are up to date.  Flash player is up to date.  I have unchecked the box for 'Enable hardware acceleration'... although the other computers have this box checked and they work fine.   I've moved the cursor around and there is nothing.  I see a fine image, no buffering issues, but there is no way to pause the video or go to full screen. 

      I'm trying to figure how to watch 60 Minutes on this computer in Firefox and see the progress bar, pause/play, and full screen because nothing I have tried seems to work.  Any ideas?  Thanks so much!