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    "Could not save as a PDF because of a program error"

    Birck Level 1

      Saving a Photoshop file as a PDF for emailing to someone else has always been complicated by the number of choices to be made, and now it's become impossible. Every time I try it now, I get this message, and I have to send a jpeg instead. I've tried different files, trashed the PS prefs, tried different settings in the dialog box that pops up after I hit "save", but it is no longer possible to save a PS file as a PDF. In spite of the fact that this just started happening for no reason I know, I presume that it's my fault. Every single file I try to save  has "a program error", for some reason. So I'm going to have to read up on how to save  a PS file as a PDF. Can anyone help or point me to a knowledgebase article on saving a PDF in Photoshop?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You have not provided any system information. That aside, rather than faulting Photoshop it's more likely a generic issue with Acrobat/ Adobe Reader and the shared PDF libraries. The pertinent question would therefore be if those apps actually function properly and can display PDFs, what updates they may have received recently, what their security settings are (sandboxing) and if other apps like e.g. Illustrator still save PDFs.