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    AutoRun ThumbDrive

      I have not submitted much to the forum, but I do read it and usually someone else has the same problem as I do. I would like to thank everyone out there that has provided the information needed. I am an architect and I have been making autorun cds for my clients using director. I use them so that they can see both the proposed floor plans and a picture of what the building looks like at the same time. We also create AVIs using Sketchup and I also incorporate them into the proposed plans. I am looking at starting a very large project with many floor plans, pictures and a large amount of digital videos. I noticed that the new thumb drives have the capability to have autorun. Some of the problems that I run into with the CD's is the speed on other machine's players. If I was to use the thumb drive, would it be better to use "direct to stage" or not? Use the preload or let the dv play from the thumbdrive? If anyone one has used an autorun thumbdrive before, I would appreciate any help.
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          I’ve used both the U3 enabled sticks ( http://www.u3.com/) and the sticks from UDRW ( http://www.udrw.com/) IMHO the U3 sticks come with a lot of junk you don’t need or want (like pre-installed applications), and the manual is huge although once you figure out how to install your application the steps aren’t really that bad. I found the UDRW sticks much easier to setup. On the other hand, U3 has partnerships with all of the major stick manufacturers so there’s a much wider choice of capacity and format.

          As for DTS, we always push video direct to stage. You should be aware that when we work with video it is almost always 720 x 480 mpg or wmv with medium to high data rates so maybe other formats or resolutions do better. I tried an experiment with one of our standard videos (720 x 480 mpg 1) on a UDRW stick with DTS turned off. I had cool little video controls that faded in over the video when the mouse rolled over them, looked just like the iTunes video player. Our fastest development machine (4 Ghz with a speed optimized RAID) could pull it off when playing from the hard drive but from the stick forget it and more typical machines couldn’t play it at all. Again, just my opinion, but I’ve never had any luck taking high quality video and compositing it with Director sprites and DTS off. I don’t think it’s the media’s fault, most processors just don’t seem to be up to the task.
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            Thank you very much for the information. I have been looking at the U3 and I will have to agree that there is way too much junk on it. Some of the problems that I have been having is that the architects using Sketchup are rendering their movies at 1024 x 768. I have been talking to them to about down sizing to PAL format incase we decide to publish them to DVD for use on televisions rather than a computor, maybe someday we will get there. Have a good day.