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    Premiere Pro CS5.5 keeps hanging (using looks)


      For start, my PC specs (in case if relevant)



      i7 2600k

      Sabertooth p67

      Win 7 x64

      Samsung 830 SSD (Win7, Premiere pro, all other programs installed here)

      3x 1TB HDDs for storage, scratch disks, etc..

      GTX 570

      32GB memory


      I've been using Looks for most of my projects since begining of last year. The only hardware difference I made was SSD and additional 16GB of ram (32 in total now).


      Premiere pro worked like a charm, exporting time was ok, render time was ok. But about 6 months ago (not exactly after the SSD and Ram upgrade...let's say a month later) it started to hang. While editing bigger projects (300+ clips, 30-40min long final edit, almost every clip using Looks plugin), the "sand clock" comes up, PPro isn't responding anymore and I have to wait (the program crashes in only about 5% and that happens if I do not wait for the "sand clock" to dissapear - it usually dissapears within 1-2 min).


      Lately I'm having this problem with small, 1 minute long videos (final edit duration). It is quite annoying. Not using 3rd party plugins eliminates the problem but I am still curious why is this happening now and not from the start?


      While the PPro hangs, task manager shows only about 30-45% of CPU is used and not even once more than 20GB of ram (26GB of ram are assigned for PPro), so it doesn't seem like it's hardware problem...


      Any idea? Or should I just stop using Looks?