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    LoadClip preload, but not a "preloader"

      I am trying to find a way to use LoadClip to load an external SWF into a main SWF, but not actually attach the loaded SWF to an instance til later in the timeline.


      On Frame 5 of the main timeline, I want to use LoadClip to load the external SWF in to memory, but I don't want to initiate the loaded SWF til frame 50.

      Why, you may ask. Well, I'm making the flash EXE for a CD. The external SWF is small and loads fine, only problem is that when running from a CD, the loading of the external SWF causes a two second pause. Not enough time for a preloader, but enough to annoy me (also, the loading of the SWF causes audio in the main EXE to pause as well). I'm hoping that preloading the SWF earlier in the timeline will resolve this problem.

      Any help is appreciated!