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    Is this the only way to capture?

    SteveH59 Level 1



      I have a few good quality VHS (C) tapes to edit through Elements 11, so I have put one of them in my Toshiba VCR and clicked 'Play'.


      I was hoping to bypass the software that came on a disk with the various cables that connect the VCR to my Win 7 PC. This software saves movie files as MPG files. So, I opened up Elements 11 but regardless of which method of 'Capture' I chose (DV Camcorder, etc) I was unable to see the movie playing. I get this error message (please see screenshot below).


      Do I need to accept, therefore, that I have to download and install the VHS tapes to my hard drive using the software (ArcSoft ShowBiz) that accompanied the various cables, and then import that MPG file into Elements 11 so that I can edit it?


      I was hoping to avoid this unnecessary obstacle, but it seems there is little I can do if Elements can't detect my VCR player.




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