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    Optimizing Images directly in Indesign??

    handpaintedstudio Level 1

      Is there an option to optimizing your linked images directly in Indesign? I'm looking to select an image and have Indesign take its layout scale and apply that to the image file optimizing the linked image to constrain it's proportions to that which it is sized on the page in the layout in Indesign. I know that I'm able to have the option to edit original file and then do this sizing in Photoshop. But with hundreds of photos that have a multitude of different layouts and scales in contrast to their original files and to one another there must be a way to quickly have Indesign recognize the image's scaled size in the layout and optimize the original file to be that in proportion with its scaled size within layout, right??

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you output the file to PDF you can use the Compression Settings to automatically reduce the Resolution of the image to the size - basically it optimises the image size and resolution while making the PDF.


          When you resize an image to fit a particular resolution and size in Photoshop - InDesign uses the exact same method.


          The only problem with this is that when resample an image you usually need to Sharpen the image a small bit - or sometimes not at all - it's purely down to the sort of image it is - if it's a soft image then you probably wouldn't need to sharpen it, if it's a hard image with lots of detail and edge contrats then you probably would need to Sharpen the image when you resample it to a different size and resolution.



          In about 10 years - I generally don't resample an image in Photoshop for output - I set the Compression settings in InDesign and let InDesign do the work - for the type of images I usually use I would never need to sharpen them as the difference is neglibile for the audience reading the material.



          Howver, there are times like in Art catalogues or very high-end printing I would need to sharpen the images - and that's the only time I generally resample Images in photoshop.



          There are some plugins that will do go through all the images and resample (not sure if it gives the option to add a sharpening filter?) but there are some out there - this one springs to mind






          But I don't think for the general public it's very important to add the sharpening filter - perhaps architecture, art, fine magazines etc where quality is an absolute must - then yes.

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional



            The images will be properly scaled with the export to PDF. If you need

            sharpening or other such adjustments you'll have to use Photoshop.



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              handpaintedstudio Level 1

              Yes I had downloaded that but I'm lost on how to use it or where to place the file.

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                handpaintedstudio Level 1

                Ok awesome I finally just double clicked on the js file and it ran perfectly, I'm going to test it on a pachaged file to see how it does.  thank you so much for the link and all the help!

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                  handpaintedstudio Level 1

                  hey so yes I used the the js file and it resized the images but no matter what i selected "Resize without resampling" or "Resize with resampling"  it only made a couple of my psd images resize.  These images that resized actually resized to the file size so I would have to go back into indesign and find those images and shrink them down.

                  Most of my images are actually imported from a larger file psd or tiff and then resized in indesign (using the image box corner handle dots to make them fit just where i want),  but the image file's size wether it be 1mb or 10mb  stays the same file size which impacts my indesign's packaged size. 

                  So is there anything out there like a plugin for pc's or mac that doesn't cost $1,000 that works by taking the images layout size in the file and minimizes the image's file size accordingly to the what it's is sized in the indesign layout??

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                    John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I don't know if there is anything like that out there, but I have my doubts. A script or plugin that independently resizes the original image would potentially cause more problems than it solves in most typical workflows. I suppose a user could insulate a batch of copies (of the original images) by packaging first, then running the routine on the package. Generally though, prudent use of PDF as a final output format negates the need for such a function. I do recognize, however, that there are valid workflows which rely on InDesign-packaged file sets. Are you certain yours is one?

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                      leo.r Level 1

                      LinkOptimizer for Mac (which as I see now was already mentioned):




                      Full disclosure: I'm the developer.


                      With any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me on http://zevrix.com/support.php




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                        Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

                        Here's a script I wrote for resizing images for my own workflow. It have been working for us perfectly for many years.

                        However, our company stuck in CS3 and I have no idea if it works in recent versions.


                        — Kas

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                          Just tried your script and it worked great on CS6 for Windows!

                          For beginners: Open Photoshop and your Indesign file COPY (see word of caution below). Then unzip and click on the .jsx file, select your options and run.

                          I did have to go back into my document and re-center all of the photos using the "Center Content" button, but luckily this was a small project.

                          Word of caution - I recommend packaging the Indesign file into a separate folder with all of the used image links, otherwise you will resize your original images to smaller sizes and won't have the larger originals for other projects (there's no undoing an image resize in this case). I was distracted while testing this script and accidentally resized my originals. Good thing for backups!