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    Exporting 8 Channel Stereo MXF for Broadcaster

    Eamonn McManus

      Hey Guys,


      I'm having problems exporting an 8 channel audio mxf for a broadcast client. The mix they want is as follows:


      Track 01: Full Programme Mix L

      Track 02: Full Programme Mix R

      Track 03: International Sound L

      Track 04: International Sound R

      Track 05: Music and Effects L

      Track 06: Music and Effects R

      Track 07: VO Mono

      Track 08: Interview Mono


      I have setup the sequence following this video on vimeo and am fairly confident I have the sequence settings correct. https://vimeo.com/38501157


      I also can export a multichannel mxf. But all my tracks are exported as mono and I am therefore not maintaining my L and R as set up in my sequence


      The problem is on exporting that since Tracks 01 and 02 are bounced down to 1 + 2 it means that my Track 01 (Panned L) is getting bounced down onto my Track 02 aswell and thus it does not remain seperate. Has anyone delivered a similar format for a broadcaster and come across this problem with Premiere Pro and know a solution?


      Any help would be much appreciated