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    getURL and movieClip Problems

    Boxing Boom Level 1

      Is there something different going on when, using the getURL when working within movieClips;

      buttColor_mc.onRelease = function(){
      mySound.start(0, 1);
      trace('You've landed');
      getURL(" http://www.adobe.com", "_blank");

      This works perfectly, while testing in Flash cs3, but when embedded into html page using (soundObject javaScript) it loads perfectly, onRelease plays the specified sound file, but will not open a browser window. Have not tried it on out server yet. But surely, if it works while testing in Flash cs3, then it should work?

      Any help here will be more than appreciated; I am currently in the middle of putting our website together, and am in need of ROI from this.

      Kind Regards,

      Boxing Boom