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    How do I print a two-page document with different orientations?

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      I have a two-sided form in InDesign CS6. The front is portrait and the back is landscape. Some very helpful people here told me how to get the pages to show up correctly on my screen so I could design my form, but now when I print the document, both pages print portrait. This means the back side is cut off because it's facing the wrong way on the page.


      How do I get around this? There must be a setting somewhere that allows it to auto rotate? I set the paper size to Defined by Driver, but that didn't help. I really don't want to have to keep rotating the page back and forth one way to work on the page and the other to print it. That sounds crazy!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Not sure how you accomplished the page rotation in the layout, but the easiest way to deal with this is to set up as either portait or landscape, then rotate the spread view (in the Pages panel menu) for one page or the other. That leaves the actual page orientation unchanged for printing, but lets you see it rotated for easy layout.


          If you actually have one real portrait page and one real landscape page, I'd export to PDF and print from Acrobat with the Auto-Rotate and Center box checked.