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    Any advantage to transcoding AVCHD to P2?

    Laguna Hiker Level 1

      I am editing Panasonic AVCHD footage from an AC130 camcorder in PP CS6. PP seems to handle AVCHD without any problems, other than a bug in hover scrubbing. However, I do have Panasonic's utility for converting AVCHD to P2 footage. It's a holdover from the days when NLEs couldn't import AVCHD footage directly.


      Here's my question: Is there any advantage to transcoding from AVCHD to P2 before opening footage in PP? Panasonic says the converter is lossless, so I'm thinking there might be some advantage in decompressing before loading into PP. The most obvious cost of the conversion would be larger file sizes on my HD. Are there any advantages that would offset that cost? Thanks.