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    How to Edit Existing "Movie Clip" Symbol's Registration Point?


      Hello All,


      Using:  Adobe Flash Professional CS6


      My Flash program contains a MovieClip "Symbol" and then within that "Movie Clip" there is 3 Layers which are about 6-7 Frames long.

      Right now the Movie Clip's size is "1680x1050" and it's centered on the stage. But the registration point is in a strange location... It seems

      like it's off center a bit and to the right.


      I was wondering if there was a way to change the registration point in the same way as when you create the symbol (*i.e. when it shows you the

      "grid-like" dots which you click on one of them and it becomes its registration point)? I read about the way you can edit the Registration Point by

      clicking the Movie Clip, then clicking Edit > Edit Symbol/Selected/In_Place. But when I try it that way it's really hard to get it where I want it to be...


      What I want to have is the top left corner of the symbol to be the Registration Point, i.e. Top-Left Corner == "0,0"

      Anyway I can do that without having to "Free-hand" move the image to the Registration Point..?


      Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks in Advance,