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    Error Code U44M2P6


      I get error code U44M2P6 when I try to upgrade CS& from 13.0 to 13.04 version.

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          JatinDembla Employee Moderator

          I would suggest to update Adobe Application manager from


          Windows : http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=4773

          MAC: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=4774


          then try to install the update


          If still you are not able to update software and getting same error then uninstall all the Adobe software selecting remove prefernces and Clean the remnants using Adobe CS cleaner tool.


          Adobe CS Cleaner tool can be downloaded from : http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cscleanertool.html


          Now install the software again and try to update.



          Jatin Dembla

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            The Adobe updater is a buggy, useless app - search the boards and you'll see complaints literally MILES long.   We've never had it work once right.    We've had to either manually update or remove the products and re-install just about every time and that is maddening.   We've sent in tickets,   never with any resolution.  


            Of course this time we have the same error - U44M2P6    nothing in the logs,  and no clue as to why it fails. 

            Sadly the advice from Adobe is never "we'll look into it,  or we'll fix it later"  but rather - exactly what is mentioned above -  re-install  



            *ABSOLUTE JOKE*

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              JatinDembla Employee Moderator

              Try following the instructions given in the kb document : http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/error-u44m1p7-installing-upda tes-ccm.html



              Jatin Dembla

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                6ixgun Level 1

                That link is funny...    it is utterly useless.  



                The only solution is to completely remove the product,  re-install from the original DMG file,  and then manually update then the update works.


                We've had this issue since Adobe went to the new updater.


                According to the log, there are file corruptions and the checksum mismatches of the core product - nothing we have control over.   Buggy inefficient code,  that's it.    




                We waste 1/2 hour every time a new release is out... I sure hope they fix that issue in  CC or we are in for a very irritating experience.   

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                  Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                  6ixgun would it be possible for you to post the errors which you saw within your installation log files?

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                    6ixgun Level 1

                    Hi Jeff, 


                    Here is a link to the entire  log file.      We remedied the issue by de-installing and re-installing, which is what we have to every time an update is released.  


                    There are myriad errors in the log - including language pack file missing errors - which I am 100% positive we never removed. In fact, this was a new install on a new Mac Pro with a fresh install  of OSX.   10.8.4






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                      Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                      It doesn't look like the link to the log file is functional at the moment. 


                      I am wondering if you are seeing failures in the language files though?  This would result in the behavior you have described and is often caused by the use of system optimizers which are removing these additional language files from the installation.

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                        6ixgun Level 1

                        Renamed  the file to .txt  the link works now...  


                        We do not use optimizers,   there is  no reason to ever remove language packs.    If they're gone is there any way to put them back ?    Why Adobe would need them in place is beyond reason when we use english, but it is what it is. 

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                          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                          6ixgun they have been put in place to allow the applications to better support the transition to different languages.  From reviewing your install logs it does appear that the installer is facing difficulties locating the language packs.  If you are not using any additional system optimization utilities then I do not know what would be causing these language files to be removed. 


                          You are correct though the only way to restore the language files efficiently is to remove and reinstall the applications.  You could copy the language files from another installation but you would need to ensure the language files were for the correct version and honestly it would be faster to uninstall and reinstall then opening the packaging and copying the contents from one computer to another.

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                            6ixgun Level 1

                            Thanks for the explanation - that is pretty lame though,   as long as the native langauge was available the suite apps should ignore at the very least - the stuff that was missing or corrupt. 


                            We checked the OSX  language library -  all the native OSX libs are present,  so who knows why CS6 is having issues.   We have other Macs that do not exibit the issues, so this is pretty crazy.. .  we in fact have two identical machines and the directories are the same in both. 


                            Since this is my personal machine I know for a fact we never ran anything that would remove languages.. and as mentioned, we installed a fresh install of OSX when we converted to SSD -   if its corrupt then its something particular to adobe,  not OSX. 


                            I am a little worried about what is goingt to happen when we convert to CC  -  I expect more updates with cloud apps - not less -   so what are the ramifications of this issue on CC -  re-install every time  ?  I'll be pulling my hair out, this is nonsense.


                            Clearly the adobe updater is the issue here,    to me it seems the updater could ignore the errors and install in the native language anyway, but i guess that just makes too much sense.     I am sure Adobe has its reasons ,  but with the number of users  having issues with the  updater,   to me it seems like  it could use a little work.  

                            I do appreciate the reply,  we are all updated now.. until the next one. 

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                              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                              Thanks for the feedback 6ixgun.  The common trend that has been observed is that the files are being removed and it is typically due to the use of system optimizers.  We have looked at reducing the requirement for language files to be present as well.   I will bookmark this discussion though as it is extremely valuable to have customer verbatims to share with our engineers.


                              If you do end up discovering a cause for the language files being removed or corrupted please feel free to update this discussion.  We have already identified a few different system optimizers which were causing this behavior and have reached out the the developers of those products.

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                                6ixgun Level 1

                                Appreciate the replies and of course,  if we do figure out why things are not working, we'll share.  For now we are puzzled as there were not optimizers used on any of our systems.      Thanks again!

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                                  I also have this problem and I DO use system optimisers, but I do not see why I cant. You guys fill the installs with language crap we do not need and do not allow us to reduce the size. Using SSDs now we need to have better optimised apps and stopping an upgrade because 50 useless language packs are not there is ridicules. How many people use more than one? - Allow us to select a primary language and remove the rest. - Allow the update to recognise the primary language and install the appropriate payloads.