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    Filmic-look, Sequences, and Exporting


      I shot various clips at 1920x1080 24fps and 1280x720 60fps (for slow motion scenes) using my Canon t3i. I'm using Premiere CS6 to turn this footage into a short filmic-looking video recapping my trip.


      My questions lie in sequence settings and export settings. I want the video to have a cinemascope aspect ratio (2.35:1). Should I use two different sequences-- one for the 24fps video and one for the 60fps? And when I go to render the video to finish it, do I render it at 1920x818 (2.35:1) or 1280x545? I want it to be maximum HD quality, but I'm sure that with my 1280x720 footage I won't be able to have a 1080p video.


      I apologize for my lack of understanding of sequences and resolution settings. I'm slowly learning!


      Thank you,