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    Question: Error Code 4 InDesign CS6

    isaransome Level 1

      How do I open an indesign CS6 file as a copy in attempts to retrieve the error code 4 message I am receiving? Right clicking does not give the option to open as a copy.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          File > Open... and click the As a Copy radio button in the lower left of the dialog.


          Probably won't help, though. Error Code 4 usually means the file is toast. Do you have a backup?

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            Barbara Fifer Level 1

            Ran into this problem on 8-4-13. I "logged off" my iMac, logged back on, and while it rebooted, InDesign6 splash showed up, along with name of my Error Code 4 file. When the reboot completed, InDesign was open but the file wasn't. It opened nicely, though, and seems stable. Whatever happened, the file also was slimmed from 7.5 MB to 5.5 MB, so something nasty was removed.

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              cashxxdb Level 1

              Adobe Indesign CS6 has issues, Adobe says not but only reaffirms with posts like this.  We still have a problem here with Indesign and students opening files and getting an error code 4 or error code 5.  Quit Indesign and open it again and the files are fine.   If you keep trying opening and closing the files it eventually happens again with the error.


              Like the lockfile gets corrupt and Indesign caches the problem or something.  Not sure.


              Here is a video I found showing the issue.




              Here is my original posting with Adobe blaming us:


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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                That wasn't "Adobe" suggesting there's a configuration problem in the other thread, it was me, and I stand by that. Yes, there are some users who seem to have this problem, but it is a VERY small percentage of users. Are you working across a network?

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                  cashxxdb Level 1

                  Some files are on a network, but are supposed to be dragged to the local computer and then worked on.  Students usually keep the files on their external Hard Drives.  I had two users today one using network only and the other using her Hard Drive and both had error code 4 and couldn't open the files.


                  No issues with any other program except for Indesign CS 6. Indesign CS 5.5 worked fine.  Looking at that video explain to me how you can open files continuously fine in the same session then all of sudden Indesign starts reporting the files are corrupt and give the error code 4 or 5.  Quitting Indesign and then opening the files again they miracalously work again.   http://youtu.be/vYp2_QxM3wc

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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    I cannot explain it, because I don't know where those files are stored, though it doesn't look like it's onthe local hard drive, which implies a read error. Those things happen on networks and external hard drives all the time.


                    There are reported problems with opening files using a double-click on the file icon, as shown in the video, and for the most part they seem to open fine if you open ID first and use File > Open. Have you and your students tried that? Off the top of my head I don't recall what, if any, causes for that behavior have been identified, but again, it is NOT a common enough problem to suspect a bug over system configuration issues or software conflicts of some sort.

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                      anita1390 Level 2



                      Closing then re-opening (not rebooting mac) worked like a charm. I would have never guessed, thank you.




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                        mmg1723 Level 1

                        This totally helped with a CC2014 InDesign file! The first time it crashed InD, but the second time it open the file.



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                          Barthvader Level 1

                          This worked for me:

                          quit InDesign

                          goto: ~/library/caches/

                          and delete this folder: 'Adobe InDesign'

                          This folder wil be recreated when you open InDesign.

                          Open the apparently corrupt (error 4) file. In my case it opened without problems. :-)

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                            richthewriterguy Level 1

                            I just ran into this problem (Code 4) upon trying to open a file. After reading the thread, I closed Indesign and immediately reopened it. Then opened the file. Seems fine now.


                            Local file using Indesign CC 2015, latest release (as of 2/16/16).


                            Posting in case anyone else with CC 2015 has issues. Close ID, restart. Open file. Should be fine.


                            Just one users opinion and process.

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                              lizbethx Level 1

                              I have this same issue, in average once a day. I get the error and once I close and reopen ID, the file opens fine. (knock on wood) I tried updating Indesign hoping Adobe had come up with a fix for the issue, but it still keeps happening. it started doing this out the blue several months ago.


                              Does anyone know why it does this or a fix for the issue? I also tried trashing my Adobe Indesign prefs and cache.


                              Please post if you find a fix!~ thanks in advance

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                                drasahershoff Level 1

                                This is adobe.. A bug like this reporting for 3 years, and still this shows up after the latest install.. What a shame such a creative company is so (fill in the blank) about its customers.

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                                  danielb55984648 Level 1

                                  I solved the problem with Clean my Mac 3. (On the Maintenance tab)

                                  Brilliant app, I recommend it.

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                                    Karl Kaufmann Level 1

                                    I came across the same error, as well, and may have found a cause to some of the trouble.


                                    In my case, quitting InDesign and restarting got me to open the file. When opening the file, there was a dialog alert regarding use of an InDesign that only works in CS6 and earlier. Once this dialog closed, all was OK.


                                    Looks as if, in my case, it was due to this deprecated plugin. I deleted the layer with the offending plugin, and all looks OK  now.