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    Annoying Pop-ups - how to get rid of?


      Since upgrading to the newer version of Adobe Flash Player 11 on my Windows XP desktop computer I have been having these black pop-up boxes come up on the screen in the lower right hand corner and they will ask me if I want to store the information on my computer and I always say "deny."  But they do not disappear when I click the "X" in the upper corner of these pop-up boxes - they just fill my screen 3/4 of it with black.  The ad continues to play and the only way to turn it off is to refresh the screen I am on or go back.  I tried to run malware/spyware program to scan and this did not rid me of them.  I cannot look at pages on the internet without these dreaded boxes popping up and sometimes I get rid of one and they will just continue to distract my searching and viewing pages.  There certainly has to be something I can do to turn these things off?  i also tried to download the debugger thinking that might help, but despite my being completely out of IE - it will still tell me I have to quit IE before it can download and once I do that it will not open it up so I can continue to install the program.  Can anyone help me figure out what to do to get these to stop coming up?  Thank you!

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          Could you post a screenshot of one of these popups so we can take a look?


          How do I capture and post a screenshot or video?


          As far as the debugger goes, please don't install it.  You'll end up getting even more popups that won't apply to you.

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            lorlyn63 Level 1

            It does not allow me to capture a screenshot or video on these boxes.  It pops up when I got to a website - it asks if I want to save or deny the storing of information from the ad that pops up.  I always deny.  It still plays and will not go away unless I reload the page I am on.  I have had 3 pop up while trying to answer you.  It has at the stop of the box - "Adobe Flash Player Settings and then below I clicked on a question mark and it brought up a box that said "How much info can a a.static.facdn.com store on your computer?"   It has other options, but nothing that shows me how to shut the boxes off and not pop-up again.  When I go to the info on how to capture a screenshot or video when I click on it, it would seem it is a ghost, because it does not save a picture of that, just the page I am viewing is what it saves! 

            My computer would not allow me to install the file to debug and I have no idea what the files name was that I downloaded, but it kept telling me I had to close internet explorer before proceeding.  I was not even in IE and it would not install it.  I just had it into my computer tech people and they state they did a thorough scan of viruses and spyware/malware and so it has nothing to do with that.  It has everything to do with Adobe Flash Player since I downloaded the newest version to my computer.  I am almost tempted to rid myself of it and go back to the old one!   Surely someone else out there must have experienced what I am experiencing.  I am sorry I could not provide a screenshot of the annoying box!

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              chris.campbell Adobe Employee

              Try going into your computers control panels and find and open the Flash Player control panel.  From there, click on the Storage tab and verify that "Allow sites to save information on this computer" is selected.

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                I need an answer to this too without changing my setting to "always allow" these annoying pop-up ads.  If there is another product other than Flash Player that doesn't have these ads, please tell me so that I might use it instead!!!!!

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                  after i down loaded adobe flash player i started getting this pop up in corner of internet views freaking pop up.jpg

                  I did not get this until i downloaded the player, also unistalled player and pop up went away, then came back after reinstalling player "if i close the pop up the audio still runs in background, VERY ANOYING!!!

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                    Didymus Level 1

                    I'm SUPPOSED to have the option to allow or deny? What if I still want it?

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                      Didymus Level 1

                      Totally agree. Adobe misleads users by CLAIMING you have the option to allow or deny, but then for unknown reasons it doesn't work. Is that really a glitch? Or is it deliberate, Adobe?

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                        Mike M Level 6

                        Take a CLOSER LOOK at that screen shot, SPECIFICALLY THIS:


                        THAT IS NOT coming from Adobe or FLASH PLAYER

                        It's a "Flash" advertisement inserted into the page by the site owner or webmaster.


                        Installing Firefox and using the "AdBlock" plugin (It's NOT compatible with IE... just another reason why I ABSOLUTELY HATE Microshaft's stinking pitiful excuse for a browser) will ELIMINATE this garbage from EVER APPEARING in the first place and then you WON'T see a prompt asking if you want some unscrupulous website  downloading content onto your computer that may contain malware or spyware or worse.

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                          Rather than strictly following your advice, I selected 'Block all sites...'.  It is very possible that there'll be places where this blockage will cause problems.  However, I have not yet found any problems with sites employing Flash after making this change.  There was an interesting correlation, though.  The sound level jumped dramatically (I was playing John Prine at the time) immediately on executing this change - played from XBox.  I suspect the dialog box (Accept of Deny) was blocking the sound slider or something like that.  I'm also investigating other possible causes.  There is one fantasy baseball site where Flash is set up to allow real time scoring so I have to see what my action has done to that.  I have a strong distaste for 3rd party sites downloading anything to my PC without my knowledge (even though lots of stuff piggybacks over time)