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    My Needs... My Build... But Would Appreciate The Gurus' Perspectives

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      I am new to video and Adobe Software but have decided to dive in and learn. For the past few months, I have read through more forum posts than I can remember in order to decide on a PC for editing HD video. My preference is laptop and I have focused on Sager and ASUS but no matter what I come up with in a laptop configuration, there seems to be heat issues and/or display issues and/or quality issues and/or price issues. I am almost at the point where I am ready to throw in the towel and build my on desktop. If the towel gets thrown, I have a mid-tower build in mind but would like one or more of the build gurus to look it over and give either blessing or curse.


      Prior to dropping the specs on you, here is an overview of my activities and needs:


      My primary interest is in shooting video but will also shoot some stills. I do a lot of hiking and some backpacking and virtually all of the video and stills will be shot outdoors in wilderness areas of New Mexico. I just bought my first DSLR (one month ago) -- a Canon 60D and a Canon 24/2.8 IS USM lens -- to use in that endeavor and have been very happy with that camera setup on the hikes I’ve taken it on so far. I plan on shooting video at full 1080P/30fps. I have read that the MOV format is not an editor-friendly format, so, if necessary, I am open to buying and using CineForm.


      I don’t envision ever using a multi-cam setup but may buy a Sony Action-Cam to inject a different perspective from time-to-time. I do maybe 20-30 hikes a year and would like to put together 20-30 minute videos of each of my hikes and make it look as professional as possible. I don’t see myself shooting video clips that last over 30 seconds. I suppose I could finish a hike with an hour or more of rough video clips, maybe even as much as two hours. Some location sound will be recorded for effect but will also use voice-overs, as well as royalty-free music for enhancement. More-than-basic titling and animated maps are also an interest. Since I have no experience, there may be more needs that I discover (color grading, etc., etc.) once I get into the process but nothing approaching Hollywood standards is needed or desired. I would like a PC that can handle all that plus be future-proofed as much as possible (hopefully for five years).


      I plan on making a one-year commitment to the Adobe Cloud at $50/month because there are a number of Adobe products I wish to learn: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks (I know they killed it), Dreamweaver or Muse, and Lightroom. I realize that is an extremely steep learning curve but this is a personal interest and I am under no time constraints other than I would like to get all this done before old age does me in. I am a fairly technical person and have been dealing with PCs and software since the mid-80s. I used to be a PC Network Administrator, a Novell CNE, and computer programmer so the learning curve doesn’t intimidate me.


      Okay, so here is my build based on what I have learned from reading the forum. I steered away from Corsair memory because I read there are problems getting it to work on this particular ASUS board. Cost of this build (minus the wireless) as of today is around $3,550. That is well beyond what I really want to spend but can’t see paying almost the same (or more) for a laptop with much, much less…. and I don’t want to get a year or two down the road and have the thing start choking up on me.


      Comments and/or suggestions – on the above and on the build -- would be more than appreciated. Also, I would prefer to avoid water cooling and over-clocking, if possible.





      Case: Cooler Master HAF XM

      MoBo: Asus Sabertooth x79

      CPU: Intel i7-3930K HexaCore 3.2Ghz 12MB Cache

      GPU: 1 x EVGA GeForce GTX 680 Classified 4GB

      RAM: 1 x Kingston HyperX Genesis Low-Profile 32GB Kit (4x8) DDR3 1600 CL9

      SSD: 1 x Samsung 840 Pro SSD 512GB  SATA 3

      HDD: 2 x WD 1002FAEX Caviar Black SATA 3 1TB 7200 RPM

      PS: Cooler Master Silent Pro M 850W 80 Plus Bronze

      Cooler: Phanteks PH-TC14PE 5 x 8mm Dual Heat Pipes 140mm Premium Fans

      Optical: Pioneer BD/DVD/CD Reader/Burner BDR-208DBK 15x w/4MB Buffer

      Card Reader: NZXT 8c-aper000-w0b Aperture M 2 x USB 3.0

      OS: MS Win 7 Pro 64bit

      Compound: Actic Silver 5 Polysynthetic

      Sound Card: Creative Sound Recon3D THX PCIE Fatality Pro

      Display: 1 x Dell UltraSharp U2410 24" 1920x1200 110% Gamut 6ms

      Wireless Adapter: TBD