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    Huge swf problem, exams tomorrow.


      i have embed a swf into my webpage, html5, in dreamweaver.
      i used the insert>media>swf function.
      The SWF is not showing in liveview, and it wont show when i try to test it locally. (white box)
      I have tried to change the settings for flash in system preferences, so the file location should be under "safe location."
      I have tried to open it in safari, firefox, and chrome. Im on a mac osx (10.7.4). I also have exams tomorrow, so im pretty desperate. im also running the page through MAMP, but I have tried without it too.


      when i open the page locally with mamp, everything comes up, except the pop-up that states that its not safe to open the swf.


      when i open the page without mamp, the pop-up comes up. Again, i have put the whole folder that the page is in, under "safe locations" in system preferences.


      i have also tried to run the page on another mac.


      "- install flash player" or something like that gets added to the page title.


      please help!


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