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    Coldfusion Page  takes too long, to Load.

      Hi All,

      I have just moved into Coldfusion technology. My expertise is predominantly on Oracle and PL/SQL development.

      In the application i am working on, we are currently facing, an issue. We have a requirement, that is handled by dynamic dropdowns. We use Javascript to control the values loaded in a dropdown. (By default, the Country, State, City, Facility and Facility Type for a user will be loaded. He can choose any of the values in the dropdown and that would control the other dropdown's. If a Country is chosen, the states corresponding to that country should be loaded in the next drop down .. and so on ... )

      We have drop downs like, Country, State, City, Facility and Facility Types. The backend, sends across, all the values as the combinations of Country,State,City, Facility and FacilityTypes that have been rolled out , to enable selection as a refcursor. The page load was surprisngly taking about 91 seconds!! We did check the record volumes and they are not more than 1500 rows. Also, the database queries, execute in 130 microseconds each. Thus, the code is indeed optimized from the database perspective.

      The Issue i am facing is the performance hit when the page loads. For just 1500 rows of the combinations i have mentioned, it takes 94 seconds. It takes only 24 seconds in my offshore. However, i have verfied machine configurations and i seem to have a better configuration that my offshore team. Yet, it takes more time to load here. Also, does the CF application server parse all the functions OnLoad, Onchange even before the Page is loaded? Anyone who has already encountered this issue?