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    Combining/Merging Clips into one long clip in the project bin?


      I'm shooting on Panasonic P2 cards


      Since P2-material comes in as an individual clip per recording, it's quite different from working the way we're used to with one long clip using cassettes. My wish is to merge these clips to one, but I'm having some challenges. This is what I've tried:


      1. In Project window, I try to mark several clips and drop them to the source window, but only one of them appears at ones (the rest is in the dropdown-box above the window).


      2. In Project window, I mark several clips, go to Clip, but the option Merge Clips are greyed out (why? is there a format limitation for this function?)


      3. In Project window, I mark several clips, add them to a new seqence and use the sequence as a source for my main sequence. BUT, the limitation is the audio. My output should be a stereo sequence. Adding the source-clips to a stereo-source-seqence, makes of course the audio coming from the source-sequence a stereo track. My wish is to preserve four mono-tracks. I've tried making a source-seqence with a 16 track mono master, but this one won't add to the main seqence (which has a stereo master).


      Does anyone have a solution?