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    Wrong Side of The Tracks

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      Ok i have a shot that had had 2 problems...


      1. it needed to be stablized as the shoot was handheld.

      2. i needed to track some text to an object


      Soooo, I stabilized using x,y, & rotation and applied and it looked as expect. Very stable with a +5% scale increase.

      I went back in an create a new tracker for the text and it seemed to work ok accept the stabliztion was loose in the layer viewer.  ( loose as in the rotaion stablization was seemingly not exsisting )


      This is dynamicly linked with a Pr seq.


      Now the 3rd tracker will not allow me to attach it to the of the text. The layer is grayed out as in this screen shot.


      What is going on?


      trck gray.png