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    Best way to zoom/pan images on top of background video




      Hi Everyone,

      I want to be able to have a background video (in this case full screen snowflakes) and have an image slideshow over 75% of the video window.

      The slideshow would use zoom/pan motion controls to create a ken burns like effect.



      Using animated scale and motion keyframes it is near impossible to have the window remain in the same spot and the image move within it.

      So, I need to find a different, better way.



      One thing I thought of doing would be to somehow punch a hole in the background video and make it transparent, then pan and zoom the image underneath it.

      I think this would be kind of an elegant way to do it, but I can't see how to punch out that hole.



      1. Am I on the right track or am I makikng this more complicated than it needs to be because I've missed some magic function in CS6?

      2. If I'm on the right track, what are the steps to make the hole and fill it with transparency?


      Thanks heaps.