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    How can I save individual merged records automatically in seperate folder?


      I have several hundred records to pull in via a mailmerge.


      one record per page and one per document.


      I can do the merge fine, however at present it just keeps all of the records open until I save them which means I can only do these in batches else indesign crashes.


      Is there a way I can get indesign to automatically save each individually merged record into a seperate folder? Ideally naming the saved document after two of the fields so the naming convention would be <<id>>-<<name>>


      I've seen some stuff about scripting being available to indesign and I don't mind doing the reading and putting in the work to make this happen  - Can anyone point me in the direction of any scripting for indesign quickstart type guides or offer up any other suggestion of how the above may be achieved.


      Many Thanks