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    slow loading sound clips

    rafa@mediatech Level 1
      I created a tutorial project for a customer. The project consist of about 34-40 pieces of voice over to which sprites are animated visualizing what the voice over explains. I converted the voice clips to .wav files because I added cue points for director to recognize. I ended up with clips as big as 12mb. The total size of my executable right now is 184mb. The project plays fine, except that it takes about 30 seconds to start, and every time a new section is about to start, it takes about 5-10 second for the audio to load. Once the audio is loaded, it plays fine, until the next clip is reached, and it freezes again until it loads.
      Is there a way to load the whole project at once? Is there a better way to handle these type of projects? Am I stuck with what I have?
      Thank you for your help.
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          You can compress your wav audio to swa (shockwave audio) which is
          similar to mp3 but with cuepoint support. It is the last optin under
          the Xtras menu - Convert WAV to SWA
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            rafa@mediatech Level 1
            Thanks Mike, it cut down my file size to 34mb. The audio sounds good and it loads a lot faster.
            However, the project it self still takes really long to load (about 25 secs). Is there no way around how fast my project can start?
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              In the help file there are instructions to make a "fast start
              projector". It is underthe heading "Creating Projectors". That is the
              fastest you can get it to load. there are a few other tricks, like
              making a bitmap (or pict on Mac) for a splash screen. Name it the same
              as the projector...

              i.e. if you have projector.exe then your splash screen will be named
              projector.bmp. It will popup almost immediately, so it at least looks
              like something is happening though it won't actually speed anything up.