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      I'd like to change the theme of my presentation (change language and colors). I saved my own settings (in Spanish). But when I publish the document, my current scheme is alsways displayed and even if I try to change to it, nothing happens. The scheme stays blocked at My current scheme. I am using a trial version (to test it before buying it). Normally it is fully functional.


      Can someone help me?


      Thank you


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          alpi agarwal Adobe Employee

          Hi ,


          Could you please check whether you have Spanish language pack installed in your system.

          If not, can you please install it. It may resolve your issue.




          Alpi Agarwal

          Adobe Presenter Engineering Team

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            KarineB Level 1

            It seems that I only have the English package. I want to test the product in German, French and Spanish. I would need the three corresponding packages.


            Also, I cannot find the theme I created under the Themes Folder (:/C).




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              flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              The Presenter theme text that displays it tied to your OS language. If you are viewing the presentation on an English OS, then the text for the skin will be in English. If you set your OS to Spanish, then the Spanish text should display in your presentation.


              The text for all the languages is part of the output of all Presenter presentations. The trial version has no limitations on it, other than 30 days of functionality.