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    LoadMovie to a target in another document


      First I would like you to forgive my poor English.
      I have a document called "main" with a combo box with the following code:

      cb.dataProvider = [
      {label:"Seleccione a Marca", data:""},
      {label:"Make1", data:"make1. swf"},
      {label:"Make2", data:"make2.swf"},
      {label:"Make3", data:"make3.swf"}
      var obj = {};
      obj.change = function() {
      cb.addEventListener("change", obj);

      When I click on an Icon of the combo box another combo box appears with a code just like the firs with the exception of the labels, datas and level (3).

      It's all working so far. My problem is I want to click on an Icon of the third combo box and my loadMovieNum loads to the document "main" a document called "medida.swf" (with is composed by five targets) and loads to the document "medida" the document "medida1.swf" to "target1", "medida2.swf" to "target2" and so on.

      Can it be done?
      I don't know how to make the "data" contain more than one document (loadMovieNum(cb.selectedItem.data,1);) and the SWF's "medida1", "medida2", etc. are different for each Icon of the combo box.

      Can you help me, please?