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    ADE ID


      I have replaced my computer, and now cannot transfer books from ADE to Ereader.  Told to change ID, but email address is not changed.  What next?

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          sjpt Level 4

          The last thing you want to do is to change your ID.


          It probably meant to change the ID associated with the new computer;  ADE messages are often confusing, and sometimes just plain incorrect.

          ADE may have associated an anonymous implicit ID with your new computer.

          To fix:


          1. Get rid of any ID that ADE may have used on the new computer.  ctrl-shift-D (cmd-shift-D if it is a Mac).  Confirm any dialogs that come up.
          2. Restart ADE.
          3. Try again to associate ADE with your own original ID (the one assoicated with your email address). menu/Help/Authorize Computer on ADE2, or menu/Library/Authorize Computer if you are on the older and more reliable ADE1.7.2.