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    basic "manual"

    mobly Level 3

      I know there is a load of excellent tutorials out there on EA, but I've not found anything that runs through the basics of writing code and where to place it, ie just the structure of setting up a variable like this; var Rectanglea1 = sym.$("Rectanglea1");

      when to put stuff in compostion ready, and what the heck is yep nope :-) - I understand that I just "need" it to load the JS files, but why yep nope?? little bits like that would be very good. I for one would happily pay for a book or tutorial that gave the basics of coding and possibly more importantly, fully understanding where to place the code. Another example might be the pro's and cons of adding an action to buttons, versus putting the code into the main code panel. From a designers point of view it's easier to get your end around adding the code to a button, but if I have lots of buttons, then there are lots of places to change code, rather than the code all being in one nice neat place in the compostion ready? - Is that right?? examples of that stuuf would be good.


      I loved flash, but never really got very good at coding; I just copied from others, and I really want to try and do better with EA, just need a little more help :-)


      If anyone knows of a resource that expalins the above, I would really appreciate it.


      Thanks very much




      P.S by the way I have now learned that sym.$ needs to be used in EA to "declare" the variable; (is that the correct expression, declare), but is sym.$ specific to EA? - As you can see the only coding I've ever done is early ActionScript and a bit of very basic html